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Toddler School Introduction

Welcome to the introduction of my Toddler School! Here, I will be explaining what to expect from my homeschool in the coming months!

My Method of Teaching:

I am sure if you have a little one at home and spend any time on Pinterest looking for activities, you have come across the term “tot school.” As far as I can tell, the idea came from Carisa at http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/totschool.html. Another term you’ve probably seen tossed around is Montessori. This method of teaching has been around for much longer. Both methods are great! However, you know your child best, and you are going to know what your child can and will do. Therefore, I kind of follow my own path when teaching my Little Man, combining ideas from both of these methods, as well as others!

Now that Little Man is getting older, I have decided to follow a slightly more structured approach, but most of my teaching will be child-led. When children are this young, they learn best through play, so my job is to facilitate that play, and teach new things along the way. It is my plan to introduce a new theme each week. Many people use a monthly theme, and that’s great! However, my Little Man has a very small attention span (he’s still under 2), and there are not a lot of activity ideas for young toddlers (or at least, not that I could find). Again, you know your child best, so you can decide how long you want to focus on a topic.

What to Expect Each Week:

My activities are going to be short, but there will still be a focus on literacy, S.T.E.M., motor, and music, with a few other fun things thrown in!

Each day I will have a book that is based on the weekly theme. These are books that I already have, or I can pick up at my local library! I highly recommend going to the library. They are an excellent resource for many things, not just books! An example of my themed book basket is shown below.

Toddler school introduction themed book basket

The S.T.E.M. activities will be science, technology, engineering, or math. These activities will likely not be child-led, but I think Little Man will have fun regardless! 🙂

My motor activities will focus on both fine motor and gross motor. And my music activities will be songs and rhymes!

The other fun things that I mentioned can be anything, but will likely focus on art, sensory, or cooking.

I will always have a printable calendar showing my activities for every theme! But you can also grab a BLANK, FREE, EDITABLE copy from my Teachers Pay Teachers site!

What You Won’t See on My Calendars:

There are a few activities that I plan on starting with Little Man that won’t be theme-based, and therefore, won’t be on my calendar. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I do want to add a little more structure to Little Man’s routine. These activities will provide that structure.

The easiest thing to add, are books relating to letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and anything else that I want to practice with Little Man. I also have many other books placed in a basket for easy access. Little Man loves to hear me read, so we probably read about 15-20 books a day! This is totally his choice! Below are the baskets we have (the small one is filled with the letters and numbers books)! For some children, this may be overwhelming, so do what is best for your child!

Toddler School Introduction book baskets.

I also plan to discuss the weather each day. I bought a small bulletin board weather set (shown below), that I hope will be engaging enough for Little Man. He does like the weather song, and loves when it rains, so I have high hopes, haha!

Toddler School Introduction weather bulletin board set.

Little Man is not ready to use all of these items, so the picture below shows how I currently plan to use these materials.

Toddler School Introduction daily weather example.

A weekly color, shape, and letter will also be introduced. I will talk more about each of these below. Right now, I am choosing not to introduce a number every day. However, many of my S.T.E.M. activities will have numbers and counting, and number/counting toys are always available for Little Man to play with.

Colors & Shapes:

Two great resources from my Teachers Pay Teachers site, are my color and shape printables! This is what I will use to introduce the weekly color and shape to Little Man. Mine are laminated, and I plan to place them somewhere easily viewable, so they can be referenced throughout the week. I will also have two bins filled with different items: one for the color and one for the shape. It is my hope to write future posts with activities, so be sure to check back and look for them!


Most of the letter activities that I plan to use come from Anna at: https://www.themeasuredmom.com/ . However, I also plan to regularly use my alphabet printables from my Teachers Pay Teachers site, and write future posts with activities! Since Little Man is still young, these activities are just meant to give him an introduction to the letters.


All of the above activities will only be done if Little Man is showing interest! He is still young, and learning should be fun!

Please look for my first theme, starting the first week of September! 🙂

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