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All About Me Activities- Toddler School

Welcome to my, “All About Me,” activities and themed lessons! Here is my calendar for the week! Remember, the most important thing is to have fun! Enjoy!


Little Man has so many books, so I pulled all the books relating to this theme, and put them in a basket. However, we don’t own any of the books that I chose to focus on this week, so we checked them out from our local library! I put these in the basket as well, and Little Man was able to read and explore them all week!

All About Me Activities- Toddler School - Books

All About Me by National Geographic Kids

Eyes, Nose, Fingers, and Toes by Judy Hindley

My Body by Jill McDonald

My Five Senses by Aliki

Making Faces by Abrams Appleseed


Fingerprints – All you need is a stamp pad and magnifying glass for this simple activity! I will admit, Little Man liked the stamp part of this activity, but not the magnifying glass. Maybe you’ll have better luck! 🙂

Little Man's Fingerprints

Family Memory Game – This simple game only required me to print out pictures of Little Man’s immediate family. Then we played memory with the pictures. However, since Little Man is just learning how to match, we only matched two pictures at a time. If you have an older child, feel free to use all of your pictures!

All About Me Activities- Toddler School - Family Memory

Body Part Book – For this activity I searched online for pictures of eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hands, and feet. Then printed them out and had Little Man glue them into a book (folded paper, stapled together). On each page of the book, I asked Little Man to find each body part before gluing them on. After he glued the pictures, I wrote the words underneath. Finally, we talked about the pictures, and I had Little Man point to each body part on his own body.

Little Man creating his Body Parts book.

Tactile Numbers – The idea for this activity came from Munchkins and Moms. If you don’t have one of these puzzles, you can pick one up here, or use any items that your little one can touch and feel! As you can see, this puzzle is a little advanced for Little Man, but he liked feeling the numbers!

All About Me Activities- Toddler School - Tactile Numbers

Emotion Matching – I used this magnet board that I found at Target to talk about different emotions with Little Man. I know most of you won’t have this, so head on over to Pocket of Preschool to grab a great emotions matching game!

All About Me Activities- Toddler School - Emotion Matching


Mr. Potato Head – We love to play with Mr. Potato Head! This simple toy is perfect for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination! You can also get a Mrs. Potato Head!

Little Man playing with Mr. Potato Head

Hokey Pokey – My Little Man love music, and had a lot of fun, even though he couldn’t really do most of the moves! Great for those gross motor skills!

Doctor Kit – Little Man loves when we play doctor! Too bad he doesn’t like the real doctor’s, haha, but at least he has fun when we play! We actually play with the same doctor kit I had as a child, but you can find a similar version here!

Little Man playing with his Doctor's Kit.

Cheerio Lacing – Lacing with string is still too hard for my Little Man, so for this activity we stuck a piece of uncooked spaghetti in a little bit of playdoh to make it stable, and then put the cheerio’s on! This activity allows Little Man to explore his sense of taste, because as I’m sure you know, most of the cheerios were eaten!

All About Me Activities- Toddler School - Cheerio Lacing
Little Man eating the Cheerios

Yoga Poses – I chose the yoga poses from Childhood 101. These poses are simple, and as the post discusses, they are great for helping your little one manage their emotions.

Music & Rhymes

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Little Man singing, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Sticky, Sticky Bubble Gum – This is a fun one that I learned while teaching preschool! If you haven’t heard of it, definitely look it up! Little Man’s hand is stuck to his foot!

Little Man playing Sticky, Sticky Bubble Gum

Where is Thumbkin

Sing of Song of Senses – Lyrics can be found here. Be sure to use instruments! 🙂

Little Man playing with his instruments and singing

If You’re Happy and You Know It


Playdoh with Mr. Potato Head pieces – Little Man loves playdoh, so this activity was perfect! It was a lot of fun too! I may have had more fun than Little Man!

All About Me Activities- Toddler School - Mr. Potato Head Play-Doh

Smelly paint – I found this activity from Early Childhood Scribbles. All you need it Kool-Aid! This was definitely a favorite! My Little Man loves to paint! Every day I hear, “paintin’?!” in his cute little voice! It’s not mommy’s favorite activity, but I do try to let him paint at least once a week! This was a fun way to mix things up! You can see him sniffing it below, haha!

All About Me Activities- Toddler School - Smelly Paint
Little Man Sniffing the Smelly Paint

That’s all for this week! I hope you have fun with my, All About Me, activities! Be sure to look out for my post next week that will have a new theme!

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