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Camping Activities – Toddler School

It’s camping week! So many fun ideas! Bonus points if you actually go camping! Unfortunately, it’s not exactly something we enjoy, so Little Man will just have to make do with the camping activities we try this week! 🙂 Don’t forget to click on the calendar below! Camping Books No surprise, we didn’t have any… Read More Camping Activities – Toddler School

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Farm Animal Activities – Toddler School

This week we were “down on the farm”, for our Farm Animal activities and lessons! Click on the calendar below! Have fun and enjoy! 🙂 Farm Animal Books The books for this week are listed below, but our basket was overflowing with many others as well! Who knew we had so many farm related books!?… Read More Farm Animal Activities – Toddler School

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All About Me Activities- Toddler School

Welcome to my, “All About Me,” activities and themed lessons! Here is my calendar for the week! Remember, the most important thing is to have fun! Enjoy! Books Little Man has so many books, so I pulled all the books relating to this theme, and put them in a basket. However, we don’t own any… Read More All About Me Activities- Toddler School

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Toddler School Introduction

Welcome to the introduction of my Toddler School! Here, I will be explaining what to expect from my homeschool in the coming months! My Method of Teaching: I am sure if you have a little one at home and spend any time on Pinterest looking for activities, you have come across the term “tot school.”… Read More Toddler School Introduction

Mommy Musings

Toy Rotation System

Little Man definitely has more toys than he needs! Part of the reason for this is because his birthday and Christmas were so close together, and he received a lot of presents from family on both occasions! If you’ve read my earlier posts, you will know that I think simple is definitely better! To help… Read More Toy Rotation System

Mommy Musings

Playtime with your 6 to 12 month old!

Around this time, your little one is going to start moving more, and start getting into things, so the toys are going to need to become more engaging! My Little Man is almost 16 months now, but I remember this phase very well! It is an exciting time for both you and your child! Please… Read More Playtime with your 6 to 12 month old!

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Caution: Construction Site!

I have been such a slacker! I do have good reasons though! 🙂 If you can believe it, I completed all the activities for this post with Little Man back in October! Who would have guessed that you don’t get a lot of free time with a toddler?! However, these construction themed activities definitely held… Read More Caution: Construction Site!

Simply Sensory

Christmas Sensory Basket

Here is what I included in our Christmas sensory basket, but you of course can use whatever you have available! Jingle bells (here’s a pack of four) Plastic ornaments Pinecones Bows (I love these little ones! I use them all year on different gifts) Snowflakes (these are similar to mine) Snowballs (these are so cute… Read More Christmas Sensory Basket

Living Life

Baby Shark Party! Doo Doo Doo!

I have been M.I.A. for awhile now, and it’s all thanks to this party. The only interest Little Man has right now, is baby shark. The Super Simple version, not Pink Fong; my kid is very picky, haha. Anyway, it made sense for this to be his birthday theme. I had so many ideas of… Read More Baby Shark Party! Doo Doo Doo!

Simply Sensory

Melted Snowman Sensory Bag

This is an easy, and fun sensory bag that can be made anytime throughout the winter season! All you need are: Ziploc bags Black stones of some kind Carrots Googly eyes Shaving cream If you use a small ziploc bag, I would just use two googly eyes, one carrot, and a few stones, giving you… Read More Melted Snowman Sensory Bag