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Stay-At-Home Date Nights!

I know it has been forever since I’ve actually written a post! Life has changed quite a bit, and I just haven’t had any time! This is just a hobby for me, but one I really like, so hopefully, I can get back to it a little bit at a time! Speaking of having no… Read More Stay-At-Home Date Nights!

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Alphabet Activities: Topics and Ideas

When teaching the alphabet, it is important to include tangible items or pictures to associate with each of the letters, so that the learner can begin to learn the phonemes (sounds). Which is why I chose to create my list of Alphabet Activities: Topics and Ideas, just for you! The topics and ideas I have… Read More Alphabet Activities: Topics and Ideas

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Themed Teaching Ideas

Hi! If you’ve been following me, you will know that I have been teaching my toddler at home. These are the themed teaching ideas that follow/plan to follow throughout the year. I may not complete them in this exact order, and you don’t need to either! You will also see that I only complete two… Read More Themed Teaching Ideas

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Christmas Activities – Toddler School

This is such a fun time of year! I loved doing all of these Christmas Activities with Little Man! Christmas Books These are a few of our favorites, but there are so many more! Dear Santa by Rod Campbell The Grinch’s Great Big Flap Book by Dr. Seuss Elmo’s Countdown to Christmas by Naomi Kleinberg… Read More Christmas Activities – Toddler School

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Holidays Around the World Activities – Toddler School

Let me start by saying that these Holidays Around the World Activities were probably my favorite by far! Little Man had a blast, and we both learned a lot of new things about different customs! I will say that what you read below, I found online, so if you find something to be incorrect, please… Read More Holidays Around the World Activities – Toddler School

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Thanksgiving Activities – Toddler School

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the extra time with your little one, and try some of these fun Thanksgiving activities! 🙂 Thanksgiving Books Five Silly Turkeys by Salina Yoon Where is Baby’s Turkey? by Karen Katz Llama, Llama Gives Thanks by Anna Dewdney Biscuit is Thankful by Alyssa Satin Capucilli The Itsy Bitsy Pilgrim by Jeffrey Burton… Read More Thanksgiving Activities – Toddler School

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Fall Activities – Toddler School

I thought I’d wait until November before completing some Fall activities, even though everyone already thinks it’s Christmas! To each his own, but I don’t start on Christmas until after Thanksgiving! Surprisingly, I actually had a hard time finding activities for Fall. I thought it would be pretty easy, but most were too advanced for… Read More Fall Activities – Toddler School

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Nursery Rhyme Activities – Toddler School

This was a fun week! Little Man and I love Nursery Rhymes! He is even able to repeat a few lines from his favorites! And there are so many to chose from! Do you like the picture of Little Man looking at the clock from Hickory Dickory Dock?! This was taken at a small amusement… Read More Nursery Rhyme Activities – Toddler School

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Pet Activities – Toddler School

Do you have any pets in your home? Little Man has two guppies! Pets are a great way to teach responsibility! Pets come with a lot of extra chores! Little Man feeds his fish every day! Even if you don’t have any pets, these pet activities are sure to keep your little one busy this… Read More Pet Activities – Toddler School

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Halloween Activities – Toddler School

This was a long week! Mostly because I was sick, and who wants to do anything when you don’t feel well?! However, toddlers don’t care if you’re sick, go figure! So we carried on as normal because it helps to keep him occupied! Of course there are a ton of Halloween Activities on Pinterest, but… Read More Halloween Activities – Toddler School