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Halloween House Tour

Halloween is one of my favorite times for decorating our house! There are so many ideas online, and I usually make and/or add something new every year! Welcome to our Halloween house tour! Outdoor Decor: The silhouettes were printed off the internet, taped to black poster board, and cut out with a X-ACTO knife. There… Read More Halloween House Tour

Mommy Musings

Playtime with your 4-6 month old baby!

So, your baby is out of the newborn phase and is now looking to explore their world! They may begin to roll, scoot, or even crawl at this point! Therefore the items they play with, will need to become a little more engaging! If you’re like me, you may have no idea how to play… Read More Playtime with your 4-6 month old baby!

Mommy Musings

Newborn Necessities

Becoming a mother is an amazing experience, but it can also be quite confusing! Making a baby registry or buying new things should be fun, not overwhelming! Therefore, I made a list of all the newborn necessities, so you can stop asking, “What do I really need for my newborn?” Blankets & Sleepsacks: Little man… Read More Newborn Necessities

Learning Land

Forest Friends

Well, I think I’ve finally run out of animals after this! Too bad though; they are so easy and fun! I should have thought to do forest animals sooner; little man’s nursery is moose themed! Mathematic/Cognitive Skills: Have you ever read the book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt? It is the perfect book for… Read More Forest Friends

Mommy Musings

The Essential House Guest List

We do not have guests stay too often at our house, because most of our family and friends are nearby, but when we do, it’s usually spur of the moment. When this happens, I don’t really have time to go out and get things that our guests may need, so I keep a lot of… Read More The Essential House Guest List

Mommy Musings

PCOS. What is it?

Being a woman is hard, and when you have a condition like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (or PCOS), life can be even harder. Many women don’t even know they have PCOS because it’s not something that your gynecologist typically discusses during your annual appointment. My PCOS was actually discovered by a gastroenterologist. I was experiencing stomach… Read More PCOS. What is it?

Learning Land

Oh say, can you sea!

This week was probably little man’s favorite! It combined his two favorite things, water and baby shark! If you do not know who baby shark is, you will soon find out! I played the baby shark song for little man when he was about two months old, and it was an instant hit! Mathematic/Cognitive Skills:… Read More Oh say, can you sea!

Crafty Corner

Baby Shark!

What you need: Two paper plates Marker Ziploc bag (if your little one can’t paint on their own) Tape This craft is my attempt at making baby shark from little man’s favorite song! 🙂 Thankfully, it is a simple and quick craft because little man is done with any given activity under a minute! All I… Read More Baby Shark!

Simply Sensory

Under the Sea

I know it’s pretty hard to see this, but it had to be double-bagged because I knew little man would find a way to open it and get gel everywhere! 🙂 What you need: Ziploc bags Ocean animals of your choice Hair gel Blue food coloring (if you can’t find blue hair gel) If you… Read More Under the Sea

Learning Land

Let’s go to the zoo!

This theme was a lot of fun because we have a ton of zoo themed items! Language/Literacy: Little Man’s Recommendations: Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle… Read More Let’s go to the zoo!