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Baby Shark!

What you need: Two paper plates Marker Ziploc bag (if your little one can’t paint on their own) Tape This craft is my attempt at making baby shark from little man’s favorite song! 🙂 Thankfully, it is a simple and quick craft because little man is done with any given activity under a minute! All I… Read More Baby Shark!

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Sensory Zoo Animals

What you will need: Paper plates Red, yellow, and orange paint Googly Eyes (500 pieces?! So many eyes!) Feathers (Another 500 piece set! I’m going to need to think of some more projects!) Yellow and black felt (These mini pieces are perfect for cutting things out!) Pom poms (2000?! Oh the possibilities!) Black pipe cleaners… Read More Sensory Zoo Animals

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Rain Sticks

  What you’ll need: Toilet paper tube (paper towel tube would be even better) Rice Toothpicks Masking tape Washi tape Scissors Wire cutters Pen Start by poking holes all over the toilet paper tube with a pen (I tried poking holes with the toothpicks, but they broke). Then stick the toothpicks through the holes. Next,… Read More Rain Sticks

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Egg Shakers

What you’ll need: Two plastic spoons Plastic egg Rice Washi tape (any type of tape will work, but washi tape is pretty!) Open your plastic egg and fill half of it with rice. Then close it up, and tape it shut. Finally place the tops of both spoons on each side of the egg, and… Read More Egg Shakers

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What you’ll need: Lightweight paper Scissors Push pin Straw Hot Glue gun/glue Wire Cutters Start with a piece of lightweight paper. I started with cardstock that I let little man paint. Bad choice! It was much too heavy, and didn’t spin! Your paper will need to be a square, so fold your piece of paper… Read More Pinwheels

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What you’ll need: Paint Ziploc bag Cardstock Empty cardboard can Hot glue gun/glue Hole punch Ribbons/Streamers Start by putting some paint onto a piece of thick paper and placing it in a ziploc bag. Make sure it is sealed tightly. Tape it if necessary! Little man loves to crumple the bag! After the bag is… Read More Windsocks