Crafty Corner


What you’ll need:


Ziploc bag


Empty cardboard can

Hot glue gun/glue

Hole punch


Start by putting some paint onto a piece of thick paper and placing it in a ziploc bag. Make sure it is sealed tightly. Tape it if necessary! Little man loves to crumple the bag! After the bag is sealed tightly, let your little one go to town for as long as their interested. For little man, this lasted about a minute! When their done, take it out right away! I made the mistake of not taking it out right away, and also using too much paint, and this happened!!! Oops!!!

So take two! It came out much better!

Once the picture is dry, hot glue it onto an empty cardboard can (oatmeal, cornmeal, whatever you have).

Then punch holes along the bottom, and poke a hole in the top.

Now the fun part! Add any type streamers or ribbons that you have! Don’t forget to make a loop at the top!

Little man loved playing with the ribbons! Just make sure you watch your little one while they play! Don’t want any of the ribbons to get wrapped around anything!

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