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Oh say, can you sea!

This week was probably little man’s favorite! It combined his two favorite things, water and baby shark! If you do not know who baby shark is, you will soon find out! I played the baby shark song for little man when he was about two months old, and it was an instant hit!

Mathematic/Cognitive Skills:

Little man absolutely loves the 10 little fishies song on the Super Simple Songs YouTube channel. Super simple’s website has some great resources, including these flashcards that are perfect to use when singing. Baby shark (little man’s favorite song), also has flashcards.

We also have two ocean themed puzzles that little man loves looking at, as well as trying to put the pieces in his mouth! The fishbowl puzzle is so easy for little hands to grab, and the deep sea dive puzzle is foam, which unfortunately seems to be great to chew on, haha!


Little Man’s Recommendations:

Little Shark (and the following “little” books) by Chronicle Books & Image Books

Little Crab

Little Dolphin

Little Sea Turtle

Little Fish

Penguin on Vacation by Salina Yoon

Baby Beluga by Raffi & Wolff

Rainbow Fish book series by Marcus Pfister

Deep Sea Dive by Salina Yoon

The Ocean (Touch and Explore) by Nathalie Choux

Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle


Little man loves turtles, so we made this sea turtle sensory bag! Just make sure to double bag it; you do not want hair gel everywhere!


Water play is probably little man’s favorite activity! He loves the water! I found these adorable ocean bath toys, and we play with them every night at bath time! Now that little man can sit up, he loves trying to grab as many of them as he can! He also loves when we squirt water on him!


Since little man loves Super Simple’s, Baby Shark, we made our own baby shark! Read how to make your own, here. Not crafty? Purchase one instead! Little man loves his plush baby shark!


Baby Beluga

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

The Fish in the Sea

Down by the Bay

Five Little Fish

Baby Shark

10 Little Fishies

There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

A Sailor Went to Sea

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    1. Awh! My little man is not a huge fan of our little pool either! He will get in, but he definitely prefers a big pool! Oh, and it has to be warm! Haha!

  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s super cold here so these activities seem like so much fun to enjoy indoors. My kids love anything water related!

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