Crafty Corner

Rain Sticks


What you’ll need:

Toilet paper tube (paper towel tube would be even better)



Masking tape

Washi tape


Wire cutters


Start by poking holes all over the toilet paper tube with a pen (I tried poking holes with the toothpicks, but they broke). Then stick the toothpicks through the holes.

Next, use the wire cutters to cut the ends off all the toothpicks.

After, tape around the entire tube with the masking tape.

Now the top and bottom are a little tricky because you obviously don’t want it to be sticky on the inside. To do this, I laid tape – sticky side up – on the table and then put tape down on top of it. After, I taped this piece onto the bottom of the tube. Once the bottom was taped, I put a very small amount of rice into the tube (about a tablespoon). Then taped up the top in the same manner as the bottom.

Finally, I used my washi tape to go around the tube to make it look pretty! As I mentioned earlier, a toilet paper tube works, but a paper towel tube would work even better, giving the rice more time to fall.

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