Simply Sensory

Under the Sea

I know it’s pretty hard to see this, but it had to be double-bagged because I knew little man would find a way to open it and get gel everywhere! 🙂 What you need: Ziploc bags Ocean animals of your choice (we used turtles, but here is an assortment of 52!) Hair gel Blue food… Read More Under the Sea

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Sensory Zoo Animals

What you will need: Paper plates Red, yellow, and orange paint Googly Eyes (500 pieces?! So many eyes!) Feathers (Another 500 piece set! I’m going to need to think of some more projects!) Yellow and black felt (These mini pieces are perfect for cutting things out!) Pom poms (2000?! Oh the possibilities!) Black pipe cleaners… Read More Sensory Zoo Animals

Simply Sensory

Seasonally Sensory!

  Spring Brown crinkle cut paper Small foam robin eggs (bought at a craft store)   Summer Sand Seashells Optional: Blue marbles or gems   Fall Dried pinto beans Artificial leaves   Winter Shaving cream Blue and/or silver glitter Side note: I’ve never made a sensory bag with shaving cream before, so not sure if… Read More Seasonally Sensory!

Simply Sensory

Wacky Weather Bottles!

Original idea from here. What you’ll need: Water bottles Artificial leaves Cotton balls Glitter Yellow pom poms Oil Blue food coloring Tape Dump some water out of each of the bottles and place each weather condition into one of the bottles. Sunny – yellow pom poms (they sell large pom poms, but I’m cheap, so… Read More Wacky Weather Bottles!