Crafty Corner


What you’ll need:

Lightweight paper


Push pin


Hot Glue gun/glue

Wire Cutters

Start with a piece of lightweight paper. I started with cardstock that I let little man paint. Bad choice! It was much too heavy, and didn’t spin! Your paper will need to be a square, so fold your piece of paper like the picture below.

Then cut off the extra piece.

Next, cut four lines from each corner toward the middle of the paper (don’t cut the whole way).

Now fold every other corner in to the middle (tape them if necessary).

Flip it over, and stick a push pin through all the layers.

Once the pin is though the layers, push it through the straw. Then use the wire cutters to cut off the pointed end.

After, use the hot glue on the tip to keep everything from coming off. A piece of cork would work even better, but I didn’t have any available. Below is my finished product once I got rid of the heavy paper!

Little man loved watching the pinwheel as I blew it! I hope your little one enjoys it too!


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