Learning Land

Oh say, can you sea!

This week was probably little man’s favorite! It combined his two favorite things, water and baby shark! If you do not know who baby shark is, you will soon find out! I played the baby shark song for little man when he was about two months old, and it was an instant hit! Mathematic/Cognitive Skills:… Read More Oh say, can you sea!

Crafty Corner

Baby Shark!

What you need: Two paper plates Marker Ziploc bag (if your little one can’t paint on their own) Tape This craft is my attempt at making baby shark from little man’s favorite song! 🙂 Thankfully, it is a simple and quick craft because little man is done with any given activity under a minute! All I… Read More Baby Shark!

Simply Sensory

Under the Sea

I know it’s pretty hard to see this, but it had to be double-bagged because I knew little man would find a way to open it and get gel everywhere! 🙂 What you need: Ziploc bags Ocean animals of your choice Hair gel Blue food coloring (if you can’t find blue hair gel) If you… Read More Under the Sea

Learning Land

Let’s go to the zoo!

This theme was a lot of fun because we have a ton of zoo themed items! Language/Literacy: Little Man’s Recommendations: Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle… Read More Let’s go to the zoo!

Crafty Corner, Simply Sensory

Sensory Zoo Animals

What you will need: Paper plates Red, yellow, and orange paint Googly Eyes (500 pieces?! So many eyes!) Feathers (Another 500 piece set! I’m going to need to think of some more projects!) Yellow and black felt (These mini pieces are perfect for cutting things out!) Pom poms (2000?! Oh the possibilities!) Black pipe cleaners… Read More Sensory Zoo Animals

Mommy Musings

What to Expect When Having a C-Section

Little man would not budge from his breeched position, so I had a planned c-section. Having a planned date was nice, but I do often wonder what it would have been like to have him naturally. If you have to have an emergency c-section, you will likely have a different experience. However, I will do… Read More What to Expect When Having a C-Section

Learning Land

E, I, E, I, O!

Farm and domestic animals are such an easy and fun theme! Babies and toddlers learn a lot of these animals very quickly because they almost all make sounds that can be replicated! Language/Literacy: Little Man’s Recommendations: Old MacDonald by Jill Ackerman Click Clack Moo by Doreen Cronin or any of her other books Mouse Mess… Read More E, I, E, I, O!

Mommy Musings

Clean home, happy home!

How is it possible for something so small to completely take over your entire house?! My house looks like a tornado hit it on a daily basis, and Little Man is not even six months yet! I have no idea how I will ever keep it clean with more than one child! So, now that… Read More Clean home, happy home!

Learning Land

Little man, Weatherman!

Weather is an easy topic for children because it is something they experience every day, and the following weather activities will have your little one exploring their environment and the world around them in a brand new way! There is no better time to explore weather than in the Spring! Here in Pennsylvania we can… Read More Little man, Weatherman!

Mommy Musings

The ONLY thing that got my baby to do tummy time!

For my little man, tummy time was the worst. At six weeks he was diagnosed with acid reflux.  To help control it, we were told to put oatmeal in his bottle. While this definitely helped with the screaming and crying, it did not stop the spit up. The spit up was particularly bad when he… Read More The ONLY thing that got my baby to do tummy time!