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Playtime with your 4-6 month old baby!

So, your baby is out of the newborn phase and is now looking to explore their world! They may begin to roll, scoot, or even crawl at this point! Therefore the items they play with, will need to become a little more engaging! If you’re like me, you may have no idea how to play with a baby at this young age! But trust me, it is easy to learn! Below I have listed a large range of items that are perfect for playing with your 4-6 month old baby!

Tummy time:

Tummy time is a key part of playing at this age, so you may want to invest in a boppy pillow or something similar, but of course it is not necessary! Since your baby will be spending a lot more time on their belly, why not buy some books that are perfect for tummy time!


While little man was on his tummy, I always had a mirror for him to look into. Babies love to look into mirrors, even though they won’t realize that they are looking at themselves! Little man had the turtle mirror, and still loves the little fish that comes attached to it!


There are many different activities you can do with your child during tummy time, but two of my little man’s favorites were water play and music play!

Water Play:

Water play can be dangerous, so your baby should never be left unattended! You can look through my earlier posts in the Learning Land section to see some of the water play activities I did with little man, but if you are looking for a completely safe alternative, check out these water mats! I am definitely thinking of buying one of these for my next child (whenever that may be)!


Before getting to the music play, I wanted to mention that water play should also include the bathtub! Obviously, this wasn’t during tummy time, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s another great activity! Bathtime doesn’t have to always be for bathing! Little man and I got in the tub to play all the time! Some of our favorite bath toys are below!


Music Play:

Little man has loved the Baby Einstein take along tunes toy since he was a newborn, and it’s all he really likes to play with! However, there are other great musical toys out there, so be sure to check out the ones below!


Fine Motor Toys:

You little one is now learning to grasp objects, so getting them one or two easy-to-hold toys, is a great idea! Little man loved any of the oball toys! Here are a few of his favorites!


Also, this set is awesome and worth the buy, especially because you get so much!


The last thing you may want to get is a teether toy, because believe me, they will start putting everything in their mouth! I tried to cover a wide range of options below!


As I have mentioned in past posts, less is better! Sometimes I feel like our house is overrun with toys and little man is only nine months! I do try to use a toy rotation system because little man definitely gets bored, so you may want to have a few extras, but I wouldn’t go overboard!

*Remember, babies and children learn through play, so be sure to sit down with your little one and play every day!*

I would love to hear what your child’s favorite toys were at this age, so be sure to leave me a message in the comments below! 🙂

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  1. I remember that age and feeling like I had to come up with all these brilliant toys and in the end she just wanted to eat a book. So soft sided books it is!

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