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Little man, Weatherman!

There is no better time to explore weather than Spring! Here in Pennsylvania we can experience all four seasons during spring! I love doing weather activities because it is a new experience every day! So of course, the obvious activity for this week is to go outside whenever possible and experience the weather and nature in your neighborhood! Also, regardless of the topic I’m exploring with little man, I start each day by singing the weather song. There are different versions of weather songs when you look online, but I’ve combined a few to make my own:

What’s the weather?

What’s the weather?

What’s the weather like today?

Tell us (your child’s name),

What’s the weather?

What’s the weather like today?

Is it sunny?

Is it rainy?

Is it cloudy out today?

Tell us (your child’s name),

What’s the weather?

What’s the weather like today?

You can choose any weather words to fit in the song above, and then below is the response you can sing (or if your child is old enough, they can sing).

It is sunny,

It is sunny,

It is sunny out today.

Out my window I see sunshine.

That’s what I (or your child’s name) see(s) today.

Again, you can change weather word, sunshine to: raindrops, gray clouds, thick fog, or snowflakes. The word windy was a little tricky, but I thought of blowing trees/leaves or waving flags. You can change it to fit what you see out your window.


Little Man’s Recommendations:

Mathematics/Cognitive Skills:

For math this week, I focused on colors. There are a lot of different colors when it comes to weather (rainbows, the sun, the sky, and the clouds). I printed out pictures of these items and talked about the colors in each. Then we went outside and I pointed them out to little man there as well.

Another fantastic activity is to do calendar time on a daily basis, with a weather feature of course! Unfortunately, little man is too young to do this, but someone already gave us this awesome calendar for when he is old enough! Also, as I was writing this post I did a search for weather-related toys for my little man, and do you know what came up? Colorforms! Who remembers these?! I was so excited!!! I already purchased them for when little man is old enough! I had no idea you could still buy them!!!


I did two sensory activities for this week. The first were season sensory bags, and the second were weather sensory bottles.


In keeping with the color idea from math, I got out the colored blocks for little man to explore while I talked about and sorted the colors.


I also had two art activities for this week: Pinwheels and Windsocks!



Make your own rain stick with regular household items! After you make your rain stick, use it when you sing:

“Rain, Rain Go Away”

“Oh, Mr. Sun”

“You Are My Sunshine”

“Here Comes the Sun”

“Singing in the Rain”


Like what you read and saw? Find where I purchased some of Little Man’s favorite items here:


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