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Wacky Weather Bottles!

Original idea from here.

What you’ll need:

Water bottles

Artificial leaves

Cotton balls


Yellow pom poms


Blue food coloring


Dump some water out of each of the bottles and place each weather condition into one of the bottles.

Sunny – yellow pom poms (they sell large pom poms, but I’m cheap, so I just hot-glued smaller ones together, haha! You can barely tell once it’s in the bottle!

Cloudy – cotton balls

Windy – leaves

Snowy – glitter will work, but I actually found shiny blue and silver plastic confetti

Rainy – So my idea for rainy was to color the oil and then have it be separate from the water in the bottle. This however, did not work, as you can see in the picture. I heated the oil before adding the food coloring, and it did actually color the oil, but the color still bled into the water. Little man still enjoys the bottle, so that’s all that mattered to me! If you look at the original post from 123homeschool4me, it looks like they used some type beads (maybe?). It’s hard to tell in the picture.

Once everything is in you can tape the bottles shut.

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